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By clicking “I Accept” below and accessing the information and material available beyond this point, you confirm that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of your use of this website and associated websites and any participation in the Network.

Last updated: April 2018





1 Introduction clause

These Terms and Conditions govern: (i) your use of thiswebsiteandassociated websitesof the Ducatus Group(as defined below) including all websites under the ducatus.net domain and any other websites (the "Website(s)") operated by Centurion Global Limited("Centurion"), a company organized in the Cayman Islands, and its affiliates and related companies (together, the "Ducatus Group", "we", "us" or "our"), (ii) any transactions between you and the Ducatus Group and (iii) any participation in marketing activities relating to the Ducatus Group and the network organized by the Ducatus Group (the "Network") consisting of persons registered on the Website as members(each a "Member", collectively, the "Members", "you" or "Your").

By using any of theWebsites, or by purchasing theDucatus brandedcoins, i.e., the cryptocurrency sold byCenturion,a company inthe Ducatus Group,and known as "Ducatus” or "Coins",or mining credits representingtheCoins yet to be issued(the "Mining Credits"), via the Websites, whether directly or indirectly, you confirm that you have read, understoodand agreed to theseTerms and Conditions, and that these Terms and Conditions constitute a binding and enforceable agreement between yourself andthe Ducatus Group, with which you hereby agree to comply.If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you are expressly prohibited from using any and all of the Websitesand must discontinue your use immediately.


Before a personis able to access the portions of the Websites relating to the purchase and ownership of Mining Credits and Coins,oraccess the Network, thepersonmust agree to these Termsand Conditionsin their entiretyby clicking “I Accept” below. If a persondoes not provide that confirmation,such person (a) will not be able to access those portions of theWebsites, (b) will not be able toproceed towardbecominga Member, (c) may not purchase Mining Credits or Coins,(d) may not participate in marketing activities and (d) may not participate in the Networkor use any of the servicesoffered by the Ducatus Group.

2 Disclaimers

  1. You agree and expressly acknowledge that you are using and participating in the Websites, products and Networkof the Ducatus Group at your own risk. All services, information, content, materials, products (including software) and other items provided or otherwise made available to you through or in connection with the Ducatus Group are provided by the Ducatus Group on an “as is” and an “as available” basis, unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, the Ducatus Group makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation or performance of the Mining Credits, the Coins, the Websites, the Network or the information, content, materials, products (including the Coins, cryptocurrency wallets and related software) or any other aspect or element of the Ducatus Group’s products and services included on or otherwise made available through the Websites or otherwise through the Ducatus Group, unless otherwise specified in writing.
  2. You confirm that you have an appropriate understanding of the background, risks, usage and functions of cryptographic currencies as well as blockchain-based software, and that you are not relying on any statements or representations made by the Ducatus Group or any of itsassociatesin respect of these matters in using the Websites or choosing to be a Member.You have independently assessed all the risks, suitabilityand merits of the Mining Credits, the Coins, the Websites, the Network and any transactionmade, or to be made,on or through the Websites and have obtained relevant and independent professional advice wherenecessary.
  3. You acknowledge and agree that, to the full extent permitted by any applicable law, regulation or statute, the Ducatus Group itself and any associated entities or individuals have no liability with respect to any and all damagesor injuries caused by or related to the use of or the inability to use the services provided by the Ducatus Group or any associated business. This disclaimer extends to any cause of action, jurisdiction, breach of warranty or contract or tort (including negligence). The Ducatus Group shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of profits, goodwill or data.
  4. The Ducatus Group makes no representation or warranty and expressly disclaims all representations andwarranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, representations and warranties made by the Ducatus Group or any of its Members, or other implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The Ducatus Group does not warrant or guaranteein any waythat its products or services are free of viruses or other harmful components. The Ducatus Group will not be held liable for any damage of any kind arising fromor as a result ofthe use of any of the Ducatus Group products or services, including, but not limited to any breach of security or privacy of users or Members, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages.
  5. The Ducatus Group disclaims liability in cases of theft, hacking, cyberattacks or attacks on blockchains and does not in any way warrant the safety of the Websites andanyrelated content. All risks or losses, including but not related to losses of Coins or damage to hardwaredue to thesesituations will be yours alone.
  6. You will bear sole responsibilityfor compliance with anylocal lawsin relation toyour transactions, including but not limited to any and alltax implications of your transactions.
  7. You agree and expressly acknowledge that you have read,understood and will comply with any and allnotices, directions, rules, guidelines, announcements, letters and any such similar materials that the Ducatus Group may from time to time issuein relation to the business or other matters of the Ducatus Group

3 The Websites

The Websitesand related content referred to inthe Websitesshould not be considered to be complete or up to date.Your reliance upon any information provided by the Ducatus Group, theDucatus Group’s employees, consultants and contractors,Members,and others appearing on the Websitesor elsewhereat invitation by the Ducatus Group or other visitors or users of this Websitesor any function organized by the Ducatus Group or its Members is solely at your own risk.You understand that the Ducatus Group isnot obligated to, but may from time to time at its sole discretion,provide any maintenance, technical or other support for the Websites.

You acknowledge and agree that the Ducatus Group is the owner of, or has rights in and to, the Websitesandall ofits associated content, including but not limited to all intellectual property rights inherent therein. The Websitesare protected by all applicable laws, intellectual property or otherwise, and you are expressly prohibited from using the Websitesfor anypurposes not explicitly stated in these Terms and Conditions. Specifically, and except where otherwise allowed under these Terms and Conditions, you are prohibited from framing, scraping, aggregating, hacking, reverse engineering, crawling, reproducing, preparing derivative works of, distributing, performing publicly, or displaying publicly the Websites(including without limitation any hyperlinks), whether in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the Ducatus Group.

The Ducatus Group hereby grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, royalty free, non-assignable, and revocable licencetoaccess anduse the Websitesorforthe purpose for which they are intended only.

Violation of the terms of these Terms and Conditionsor use of the Websitesfor a use outside of its customary and intended purposes, such as, but not limited to downloading (other than legitimate page caching) or modifying the Websitesor any portion of it will result in the termination of this right of access and use.

Absent prior written permission from an authorised person of the Ducatus Group, you are not permitted to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform, display, or use for any commercial purposes the Websitesor its content. This licence is revocable at any time, and any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved to the Ducatus Group.

4 Trademarks

All trademarks, service marks, common law or registered trademarks, displayed on theseWebsitesare the property of the DucatusGroup or licensed to the Ducatus Group by such third party proprietors. Specifically, each of the Ducatus Group marks are the property of a memberof the Ducatus Group, including, but not limited to all symbols, pictures, graphics, emblems, designsand all Ducatus Group logos. The Websites, including their look and feel, colour selections, layout, and arrangement, are the trade dress of the Ducatus Group. You are prohibited from using the Ducatus Group’s trademarks, service marks, and trade dress, or anycolourable imitation thereof, to indicate its sponsorship of, approval of or affiliation with you or your Coins without the prior written consent of the Ducatus Group.Graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, scripts, and service names included in or made available through the Ducatus Group are copyrighted by the Ducatus Group, and may be trademarks or trade dress of the Ducatus Group in multiple countries.

5 YourResponsibilities

You are responsible for theoperation, maintenance and safekeeping of any device(s) used toaccess the Websites. If a device is compromised in any way that could represent an actual or potential risk to Members or any aspect oftheDucatusGroup’soperations, as determined in the sole discretion of the Ducatus Group, then the Ducatus Group reserves the right to denyyouaccess to the Websiteseither temporarilyor permanentlywithoutanynotice.

You must not state or imply anything that iscontraryto, inconsistent withor in breach ofthese Terms and Conditions.

In addition, you shallnot:

  • (1) knowingly make, or cause or permit to be made, any representation which is false or misleading relating to use of the Websites, participation in the Network, transactions with the Ducatus Group, transactions relating to the Mining Credits, the Coinsand/or any other aspect or element of the Ducatus Group’s products and services included on or otherwise made available through the Websites or otherwise
  • (2) knowingly omit, or cause or permit to be omitted, any material, information orparticular, or cause or permit any conduct that is misleading or likely to mislead as to any materials information or particular, relating to use of the Websites, participation in the Network, transactions with the Ducatus Group, transactions relating tothe Mining Credits, the Coins and/or any other aspect or element of the Ducatus Group’s products and services included on or otherwise made available through the Websites or otherwise;or
  • (3) cause or permit to be used, fraud, coercion, harassment, or unconscionable or unlawful meansin promoting the Websites, participation in the Network, transactions with the Ducatus Group, transactions relating tothe Mining Credits, theCoins and/or any other aspect or element of the Ducatus Group’s products and services included on or otherwise made available through the Websites or otherwise.

Members are fullyand personallyresponsible for their own actions in respect of use of the Websites, any transactions entered into with the Ducatus Group and participation in the Network. Members are entirely responsible for the direct or indirect consequences of any suchactions including, but not limited to, any misconduct, misrepresentation or other inappropriate activity. This also applies to anyknowing or unknowing breach or any law, regulation or statuteby a Member.

6 Membership

Membership is only open to individuals in their personal capacity and not to any corporate or other legal vehicles. A Membermust be at least 18 years old or such greater age as required by laws or regulations in force in the jurisdiction in which that Memberis operating. No Membermay hold or operate more than three membership accountsunder any circumstance.

New Members who are referred by other Members to jointhe Network may only purchase Coins directly from the Ducatus Group.A Member may earn a commission feeif such new Members referred by him purchase Coins directlyfrom the Ducatus Group. Members willnot earn any commission feeor other remunerationfor any private sale and purchase of Coins between or amongst Membersor other persons. It should be noted that no commission fee or other remuneration is paid by the Ducatus Group for the recruitment of any new Members. AMembermay cancel his membership any time by adjusting his membership status in his online account settings. Any Membercancelling his membership will not receive any refundor othercompensation

Anymembership that hasbeen cancelledwill not be reactivated.

7 Sanctionsby the Ducatus Group

The Ducatus Group reserves the right to restrict, monitor, suspend, disable, delete or terminate, or simply not to grant, as applicable, your access to the Websites, your membershipor any or all of your accounts at any time in our soleand absolutediscretion and without notice, and separately or in addition any transaction involving the Ducatus Group that has not been entered on the blockchain may be cancelled(and if permitted by applicable law, with return of any consideration net of fees determined to be appropriate by the Ducatus Group in its sole discretion).Ducatus Group shallnot be responsible for notifying you of any cancelled transactionand shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may result.Any such action by the Ducatus Groupshall not affect any of your obligations to the Ducatus Group as set forth in these Terms and Conditions or otherwise. One or moreof such actionsmaybe taken for reasons including,but not limited to,the following: a) if the Member’s conduct is determined by the Ducatus Groupto be in violation of any provision(s) as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions or any applicable law, regulation or statute; b) if the Memberis deemed by the Ducatus Groupto be involved in any fraud or misuse of capabilities, rights or privileges arising from or relating to its membership; or c) if the Member’sbehaviour,online or offline,is deemed by the Ducatus Groupto be potentially or actually harmful to the Ducatus Group, otherMembers or the proper and orderly functioning of the Network. The Ducatus Group’s failure to insist upon or enforce the Member’sstrict compliance with these Terms and Conditionsshall not constitute a waiver of any of its rights. Any Membersubject to the sanctions provided herein will not receive any refund or other 6compensationexcept as specifically providedto the Memberby the Ducatus Group, at its sole and absolute discretion, on an individual case-by-case basis.

8 RisksRelating to Mining Credits and Coins

Purchases of Mining Credits and Coins and participation in the Networkinvolverisks. There is no guarantee that any acquisition of Coins or your participation in the Networkwill result in you or anyotherpersonenjoying any form of financial or economic gain. You recognize and agree that the Ducatus Grouphas made no representations, warranties, promises, guarantees, projections, suggestionsor implications whatsoever to you about future prospects or earnings, or that you will earn any money or realize any financial or other return, as a result of your acquisition or ownership of Mining Credits and/or use of Coinsorparticipation in the Network,and that the Ducatus Grouphas not authorized any such statement or communication by any otherperson. You understand that you may suffer an amount of financial loss or damage, substantial orotherwise, resulting from the purchase ofor dealing with theMining Credits orCoins orparticipation in the Network.

You have considered and are comfortable with all these risks,including but not limited to those outlined below,and will not bring an action against or attempt to hold the Ducatus Groupliable in any way or regard.Where necessary, you agree and represent that you will or have obtainedindependent professional legal and financial advice

  1. Lack of success -

    It is possible that the Networkwill not attract the participation of a large number of Members. If the number of Members is too low this could impact the development and the maintenance of the Networkwhich could be to the detriment of the then participating Members. The Ducatus Groupdoes not guaranteein any waythe development and the maintenance of the Networknor is any Memberauthorized to make any such representation or guarantee. You hereby acknowledge and agree that the Networkis in continuous development and thus the Networkand its participation or operations may be subject to frequent and potentially significant change(s). You agree that the Network and the services provided by the Ducatus Group and its Members may be altered, restricted or expanded at the Ducatus Group’ssole and absolute discretion without notice.

    It is possible that the efforts of the Ducatus Group to develop a cryptoeconomy will not be pursuedor, if pursued, will not be successful. It is also possible that third parties may not beinterested in accepting the Coins as payment or consideration for goods and services. You hereby acknowledge and agree thatit is possible that demand for the Coins will not developor may not be widespread or may be further subject to legal and regulatory requirements of the applicable laws of each country, and the Coins maynot be accepted in a particular place or country as a medium of exchangefor payment or consideration for goods and services.

    It is possible that no trading market will ever develop for the sale and purchase of Coinsas between Members or within the Network. Whether or not theCoinsare listed,demand for the Coins in the aftermarket may never reacha degree sufficient to create or maintain a market in which you can sell your Coins for a price that is satisfactory to you, or at all.Under these circumstances, it may, however,be impossible to sell Coinsin exchange for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies (such as the Euro)either on a third partyexchange, if applicable,or in private peer to peer transactions in your independent and personal capacity for the price for which they were originally purchased, or indeed for any price, andthe Coins maynot be usefulas a store of value.

    You acknowledge and understand that theDucatus Groupis not liable for any expectation you may have, had or will have regarding the success or any aspect of the performance of the Coins or the Network.

  2. Unofficial Ducatus networks -

    The marketing of Mining Credits and of Coins in their initial sales is exclusive to the Ducatus Group. It is possible that one or more individuals or groups other than the Ducatus Group may attempt to sell, market or establish third party networks relating to the sale or marketing of Coins (other than their initial sales) or otherwise seek to encourage Members’ participation in such third party networks.These networks have no connection to the Ducatus Groupor its Membersand are not recognized by the Ducatus Group, or its Members, or Ducatus Global Pte. Ltd.

  3. Accessibility -

    The Websites, Mining Credits, Coins and/or the Networkcould be limited, restricted or otherwise adversely affected by legal and regulatory orders, directions, rules, prohibitions or any other actions in one or more legal jurisdictions, which might limit the development, provision and maintenance of the products and services offered by the Ducatus Group(including the Coins) in suchjurisdictions.

    The Websitesand the Networkmay be affected bycyberattacks, hackingand/or other forms of operational failure or disruption. As a consequence, your Mining Credits,Coins, electronic wallets and accounts held with the Ducatus Groupmay be lost, corrupted, stolen or otherwise rendered unusable. We shall not be responsible for any losses or damages, unless otherwise caused by gross negligence or fraud by the Ducatus Group. The Ducatus Grouprecommends waiting for a 24-hour period after the resumption of operationsafter any interruption before handling any large or important transactions.

  4. Websitecapacity -

    If the number of Members increases quickly, the demand for services from the Websites may increase beyond thepoint of operational efficiency, resulting in the operation of the Websites being affected, and Members may experience delays or service interruptions and instability. This may adversely affect the reputation of the Ducatus Group and/or the Members and/or otherwise reduce the perceived or actual benefits of your status and activities asa Member, as to which the Ducatus Grouptakes no responsibility for, andmakes no representation, assurance or undertaking.

  5. Ducatus Group market participation(if any)-

    The Ducatus Group may participate in the markets for Coinsby purchasing or selling Coins in transactions on exchanges or otherwise. It may sell or purchase or sell Coins or wallets containing Coins. For the avoidance of doubt, the transactions on exchanges will not include loans, futures and derivative transactions, whether relating to Coins or other cryptocurrencies or national or supranational currencies.

    Any of these activities will be conducted in its soleand absolutediscretion as to timing, form and terms of transaction and form and amount of considerationas may be prescribed by Ducatus Group from time to time. These activities could result in variations in the salesprices of Coins from the prices that would exist in an unaffected market, which could result in losses to holders of Coins.In addition, these activities could injure the financial performance of the Ducatus Group, possibly resulting in an impairment of its ability to promote its business, the marketing and trading of Coins and/or the development of businesses that might accept Coins as payment, which in turn could adversely affect the value of Coins

9 Marketing Activities

This paragraph 9 applies to marketing activities, if any, conducted by Members of the Network.

  1. Authority; compliance with law

    Members are not employees, authorised representativesor agents of the Ducatus Group, and shall have no power or authority to bind the Group legally to any obligation whatsoever. The below are guidelines, and in all circumstances, it is yourresponsibilityas a Memberto inform yourselfof all applicable requirements of law, statute, rule, regulation or ruling, and conduct yourself in complete compliance with those requirements.

  2. Appropriate business practices
    1. You must avoid and not engage in any and all unfair, deceptive,misleadingorunethical conduct or practices.
    2. Members shall not conduct any marketing activities in relation to Mining Credits or Coins through, or in combination with, any system, program or method of marketing other thanin accordance withthose specifically approvedin writingby the Ducatus Group.
    3. No Member may require any other Member or any third party to:
      • (a) Purchase any specified number of products or services either initially or at any point in the future;
      • (b) Purchase any non-Ducatus product, “starter,” “decision,” or other “pack” or “kit”;
      • (c) Purchase literature, audio-visual aids, or other materials; or
      • (d) Purchase tickets for and/or attend or participate in any meetings.
    4. No Member shall operate any illegal or unlawful business enterprise, engage or participate in any illegal or unlawful business activity.
    5. Members shall conduct himself or herself at all times in a professional, polite and considerate manner and shall not use pressure or other unfair sales tactics.
    6. Members may not take advantage of their knowledge of, or association with, other Members, including their knowledge resulting from or relating to the line of sponsorship, in order to promote and expand other business ventures. Such conduct constitutes an unwarranted and unreasonable interference with the businesscontract of other Members and Ducatus Group.
    7. Members shall not solicit, directly or indirectly, other Members in order to sell, offer to sell, or promote other products, services, or business opportunities not offered or marketed by Ducatus Group. This also applies to investments, securities, and loans, regardless of their source.
    8. Members shall not sell, offer to sell, or promote any other business opportunities, products, or services in connection with the Ducatus Business Plan.
    9. It is a breach of these terms for a Member to:
      • (a) Interfere or attempt to interfere with another Member’s membership; or
      • Induce or attempt to induce another Member to change his/her line of sponsorship, to transfer or abandon his/her membership, or to sponsor or not sponsor a particular prospect; or
      • To induce or attempt to induce another Member to deny assistance or support of any kind to a downline Member or any other Member; or
      • To induce or attempt to induce another Member to breach any of these Rules or other regulations, rules or policies published by Ducatus Group from time to time.
    10. No Member shall manipulate the Ducatus business plan(located at https://network.ducatus.net/ )(the “Ducatus Business Plan”)or commission volume in any way which results in the payment of commissions, bonuses or other awards and recognition that have not been earned in accordance with the terms of the Ducatus Business Plan. In this regard, the strategic and artificial structuring of a line of sponsorship for the purpose of depth building, whether or not there are relationships between those who are sponsored and those who sponsor, is considered to be manipulation and an unacceptable business practice. Ducatus Group at its sole discretion will determine what constitutes manipulation of the Ducatus Business Plan.
    11. A Member who engages in sponsoring activity or who sponsors a Member shall:
      1. Comply with theseTerms and meet all requirements as set forth therein.
      2. Train the sponsored Member in the rules(located at https://network.ducatus.net/ and set out in this paragraph 9)(the “Rules”)and policies, issued from time to time, or cooperate with their own upline to ensure that this training occurs.
      3. Ensure that the Member whom they have personally sponsored and downline of those sponsored, fully comply with theseRules and all applicable laws and regulations.
      4. Invite but not require Members whom they have personally sponsored and downline of those sponsored to attend official Ducatus meetings and functions.
      5. Explain the responsibilities and obligations of a Member under theseRules and instruct the sponsored Member on how to operate a Membership in accordance with theseRules.
      6. Support and comply with the Rules and educate and assure that other Members whom they have personally sponsored and downline of those sponsored, do the same.
      7. Protect the sponsorship rights of each Member whom they have personally sponsored and downline of those sponsored.
    12. In seeking participation of new members (“Prospects”) in the Ducatus Business Plan, the sponsoring Member must comply with these Terms as well as the following:
      1. Must not represent that Prospects can benefit (or receive commission payment) by purchasing Coins or other products from any person other than Ducatus Group.
      2. Must not require Prospects to purchase, or represent that Prospects are required to purchase, any products from any given Member under the Ducatus Business Plan.
      3. Must not say that Ducatus Group offers an opportunity to make money without making retail sales or marketing the products.
      4. Must not promote the enjoyment of tax benefits as the best or principal reason for becoming a Member.
      5. Must not say that the business is a “get-rich-quick” opportunity in which it is easy to achieve success with little or no expenditure of effort or time. In the event that another Member is used as an example for success, that Member’s success must be verifiable and substantiated.
    13. No Member shall represent that they have rights over certain exclusive territories for the Ducatus Group business or that there are territories in which the Coins are exclusivelyavailable. It is a breach of the Rules to make such a representation.
    14. A Member shall not require a Prospect to purchase products and/or services and/or say that a deposit is required in order to participate, nor that there is a fee under the form of a training course, seminar, social event or similar activity in order to have the right to participate, except for the initial administrative fee payable upon registration as a Member. It is a breach of the Rules to make such a representation.

      c. No improper statements

      1. Members must not make any statement that is, in any way, false,misleadingor deceptive.It is theshared goal between the Ducatus Group and its Members to represent the opportunity presented by the Coins in a manner that is accurate, without mischaracterization or misrepresentation of any aspect.
      2. Any prediction of the price or trading performanceof the Coins is strictly prohibited, whether or not based on the historical performance of the Coins, or the price performance of another cryptocurrency.Any prediction of future trading of the Coins on a market is strictly prohibited. Any prediction of future acceptance of the Coins by merchants is strictly prohibited.
      3. Any claim that use of the Websites, purchasing or owning MiningCredits or Coins or participating in the Networkor in marketing activities relating to Mining Credits or Coins is or will be guaranteed to lead to profits, revenue, earnings or income for any personis strictly prohibited
      4. Whether from ownership of the Coins or from potential bonusesfrom network marketing activities in respect of the Coins under the Network, you must not represent that Members will earn or receive any stated gross or net amount. You must not represent 11in any manner the past earnings of Membersas anything other than the earnings of those Members.
      5. Do not predictfinancial, economic or any form ofsuccess for another Memberor potential new Memberwho may join the Network
      6. Do not give any investment advice in connection with Coins. Any reference to the Coinsas financial investmentproducts would be incorrect and shallnot be made. If you receive questionsregarding these matters, encourage the person to consult an independentqualified and professional legal or financial advisor.
      7. Do not make any statement regarding the legality of anything relating to the Coins
      8. Do not provide any advice regarding taxation to any person. If you receive questionsrelating to tax, direct the person to consult an independentqualifiedand professionaltax advisor.
      9. Do not represent or expect that transactions conducted using the Mining Credits orCoins will be kept confidential by the Ducatus Group or by anyone else, other than as explicitly provided in the Privacy Policy (see below). In fact, transactions in the Coinswill be publicly posted on the blockchain.Any third party, including governmental authorities, can connect a transaction party with their public key, they could then connect the party with any transaction involving that public key, to obtain relevant information from the blockchain.
      10. You shall not represent or imply that the Coins has been endorsed, approved or otherwise sanctioned by any governmental or other authority.
      11. You must not represent, directly or indirectly, thatadditional Members are easy to recruit or retain, that bonuses are easy to earnor will be earned, or that all or substantially all Members will be successful in earning bonuses
      12. You shall not represent, directly or indirectly, that Members in the Network have any right or licence to acquire the Coins for onward distribution to any other new Members for and on behalf of Ducatus Group.

      d. Communications

      1. Except as permitted by applicable law, you must not engage in telemarketing relating to the Coins. In particular, the usage of automatic telephone dialling systems, using a random or sequential number generator, relating to the operation of the Network, is prohibited. "Cold calls" made to prospective Members that promote the Coinsconstitute telemarketingand is prohibited. You may only place telephone calls relating to the Coins to persons with whom you have an established or pre-existing, relationship, whether business or personal, or with such persons’ consent.
      2. You should not intentionally or systematically target persons known to be prospective or currentbusiness partners, relativesor colleagues of other Members.
      3. Members must not use any broadcast communication methods including mass mailings, telemarketing, national or international advertising, radio, television, facsimile services, computer communication networks including the Internet, or any other means by which personal contact is not present to secure new members or to solicit the sale of products.
      4. Any use without good cause of another person's name, trade name, “doing business as” name, assumed name, legal entity such as a corporation or partnership, trust or fictitious identification numbers shall be prohibited.

      e. Marketing materials

      1. Members are prohibited from using any written or online materials that have not received the prior approval and authorisation of the Ducatus Group,the name “Ducatus” or any other tradename in use by the Ducatus Group,and in particular by Centurion, unless written consent from the Ducatus Group is first obtained or otherwise indicated as permissible under the terms described herein.
      2. You may not transmit unsolicited faxes, mass email distributions, unsolicited email, spam emails or messagesorany other communication materials that relateto Mining Credits, Coins, the Networkor the Ducatus Group.
      3. Insofar as Members may create their own promotional material,these private materialsshallcontain only names, logos and information relating to DucatusGroup or the Coinswhich are approved names, logos and information.
      4. You may create and use websites and any kind of social media related form of communication for the purposes of promoting the Ducatus Group business and products. However, in doing so, you may NOT use and logos or names or “handles” which suggest that you are in any way employed by or representing the Ducatus Group. Furthermore, the website or social media content has to contain the Member’s name, current contact information, the fact that such Member is an independent network member and further has to make clear that it is the Member and not the Ducatus Group which is wholly responsible for its content.
      5. You areresponsible for all materials you generate, which mustadhere to applicable laws, statutes, regulations and decisions.
      6. The content of the presentations which include or support the promotion of the retailing of Ducatus Group products and services or the Ducatus Business Plan must always be in accordance with the following:

        Members shall not:

        • (a) exaggerate income representations by relating it to or incorporating it with other income and suggesting that it is the result of building the Ducatus Group business;
        • (b) substitute group or non-Ducatus Group organizational identity for the Ducatus Group business. The Ducatus Group business must always be clearly identified without any ambiguity to the Prospects during the course of the presentation;
        • (c) promote one’s line of sponsorship, affiliation or group in any manner that will give rise to or likely to give rise to resentment by or cause any detriment to others;
        • (d) misrepresent whether directly or indirectly and by whatever means the relationship of the Member to Ducatus Group, for example, suggesting or implying that Ducatus Group is “just a supplier”, or that the Member represents a business opportunity of which “Ducatus is a part”, or that the Member “outsources” administrative support to Ducatus, etc.;
        • (e) promote any other business opportunity other than the Ducatus Group business or solicit any participants to attend meetings for the purpose of presenting another business opportunity; or,
        • (f) use the meeting as a platform to promote or advocate religious, political and/or personal social beliefs.
        • (g) Personal reflections on the following are not appropriate:

          i. social and cultural issues; and
          ii. preferences regarding specific political views, parties, candidates or elected officials.

        • (h) Discussions must only relate to ethics and positive attitudes thatwill assist and encourage the Member’s and Ducatus Group’s products, services and business.
        • Income representations, whether direct or implied, must reflect a realistic income potential from participation in the Ducatus Business Plan.

      7. The Ducatus Group has the right to review all materials, including online content, created by Members. If the Ducatus Group deems any such content as not acceptable for any reason which the Ducatus Group is not required to provide any form of justification for, the DucatusGroup shall notify the Member and the Member shall berequiredto removeor alter the content as indicated, and sanctions (as discussed below) may also be applied.

      f. Network marketing

      1. Network events must be organized and held in accordance with these Termsand Conditions.and published guidelines for Network events made available by the Ducatus Group from time to time. Every person who is giving a presentation about the Coins and the presentation to a group of people must adhere to these Terms and Conditions
      2. You shall always maintain a professional demeanourand refrain from discussing any other Memberin a negative way.
        When meeting guests of another Memberat one of the events hosted by or in the name of Centurionwe encourage our Members to recommend to them to make a decision in favour of their hostMember who invited them.Actions must not be taken that may lead to another Member’s guest signing up with another Memberwhodid not invite themThis extends to the time before, during and after the relevant event.
      3. In order to establish a successful and global Networkwe encourage our Members to cooperate in good faith,regardless of their own position within the Network. This includes joint event planning and support as required. We are united in our goals as one Ducatus Group family and our Members should take every opportunity to demonstrate that.
      4. If a newMemberor new prospective Memberwishesto be integrated in a certain downline theyhave to ask for Centurion’s permission directly.

      g. Non-solicitation; non-competition
      The usage of Coins and the Networkto advertise, promote or recruit new Membersfor other ventures which have not been authorised by the Ducatus Groupis forbiddenand prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, presenting or assisting in the presentation of other network marketing business ventures to any other Memberthrough the Network, or implicitly or explicitly encouraging them to join other businesses.Members must not sell, offer to sell or promote any competing products to Members or prospects, subject to any limitations of applicable law. Any other network marketing-based cryptocurrency, regardless of differences in cost, quality, content or business structure,is deemed to be competing.

      h. Rank
      All materials and provided information by the Membermust, if it is mentioned,clearly and correctly state the Member’s rank according to the currently published ranks awarded by Centurion

10 Severance

You agree that, in the event that one or more of the provisions of the Terms is found to be unlawful, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, that / those provisions shall be deemed severed from the remainder of the Terms. The remainder of the Terms shall be valid and enforceable.

11 Dispute Resolution

The Terms (including any non-contractual matters and obligations arising therefrom or associated therewith), the breach thereof or the use of the Network and the associated services shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of England and Wales

The Terms (including any non-contractual matters and obligations arising therefrom or associated therewith), the breach thereof or the use of the Network and the associated services shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.