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By clicking “I Accept” below and accessing the information and material available beyond this point, you confirm that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of your use of this website and associated websites and any participation in the Network.

Last updated: 11 March 2017

1 Introduction clause

The following Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) govern the use of this website and the participation in the network provided by CENTURION GLOBAL LIMITED and its associates and affiliates (“CENTURION”) and any and all associated services (referred to as the “Network”). These Terms govern the relationship between the users of this and related websites as well as the participants in the Network (together “Members” or “you”) and CENTURION and its associated and affiliated businesses.

CENTURION provides a digital platform for Members to buy cryptographic tokens (mining credits) and to build a Network of people who support the Ducatus cryptocurrency by buying these mining credits.

Before a Member is able to access the Network and use its services, that Member must confirm his or her acknowledgement, understanding of and express agreement to these Terms in their entirety. If the Member does not provide that confirmation they will not be able to access this website, the Network or use any of its services. No member may amend, add to, edit or otherwise alter the Terms in any way.

2 Personal responsibility

Members are responsible for the operation, maintenance of safe-keeping of any device(s) used to access the Network. If a Member’s device is compromised in any way and it is determined by CENTURION, in its sole discretion, that the compromise represents an actual or potential risk to other Members of the Network or any aspect of the Network’s operations then CENTURION reserves the right to deny the Member access to some or all Network services either permanently or temporarily. CENTURION is not in any way liable for any damages resulting from or contributed to by the actions of Members.

Members are fully responsible for their own actions in respect of use of and participation in the Network. Members are entirely responsible for the direct or indirect consequences of their actions when participating in the Network including, but not limited to, any misconduct, misbehavior or other inappropriate activity. This also applies to the Member’s knowing or unknowing breach or any law, regulation or statute. CENTURION is not liable for any actions by its Members whilst they are participating in the Network or otherwise.

3 Membership

Membership of the Network is only open to individuals in their personal capacity and not to corporate or other legal vehicles. A Member must be at least 18 years old or whatsoever age is required by laws or regulations in force in the jurisdiction in which that Member is operating. No single Member may hold or operate more than three accounts.

The Member may cancel his membership any time by adjusting his membership status in his online account settings. Any Member cancelling their membership will not be refunded or otherwise compensated in any way. It is not possible to reactivate a membership if that membership has previously been cancelled.

4 Termination by CENTURION

Any or all of a Member’s accounts may be terminated by CENTURION at its sole discretion and without any notice. Such action can be taken for a number of reasons including but not limited to the following: a) if the Members conduct is determined by CENTURION to be in violation of these Terms and Conditions or any applicable law, regulation or statute; b) if the Member is deemed by CENTURION to be involved in any fraud Patrik Laine Jerseys or misuse of capabilities, rights or privileges arising from or relating to its membership; or c) if the Member’s behavior either online or offline is deemed by CENTURION to be potentially or actually harmful Jermaine Kearse Jerseys to CENTURION’s own interests or that of other Members of the Network or the proper and orderly functioning of the Network itself. CENTURION’s failure to insist upon or enforce the Member’s strict compliance with these Terms will not constitute a waiver of any of its rights. Any Member terminated hereunder will not be refunded or otherwise compensated in any way.

5 Change of Terms

CENTURION may change these Terms in its discretion without notice to the Members of the Network. If any change to these terms is found invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that change is severable and does not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining changes or conditions. The continuation of membership by any Member after any change of these terms constitutes that Member’s full acceptance of any changes made. When accepting these Terms please note the latest revision date given at the beginning of the document. This date will record the date of the latest revisions and Members should reread this document carefully and pay particular attention to any changes that have been made.

6 Trademarks

Graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, scripts, and service names included in or made available through any CENTURION service are thereby copyrighted by CENTURION and may be trademarks or trade dress of CENTURION in several countries.

7 Notable Risks

You understand and recognise that, as with all commercial undertakings, participation in the Network involves risk and there is therefore no guarantee that your participation in the Network or any acquisition of Ducatus coins will result in you or any other Member enjoying any form of financial or economic gain.  You recognize and agree that CENTURION has made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or earnings, or that you will earn any money or realize any financial or other return, as a result of your participation in the Network or acquisition mining credits and/or use of the Ducatus cryptocurrency, and that CENTURION has not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others. You have considered and are comfortable with these risks including but not limited to those outlined below and will not hold CENTURION liable in any way in this or any other regard.

7.1 Unofficial Ducatus Networks

The network marketing of the Ducatus cryptocurrency offerred through the Network is an exclusive service of CENTURION. It is possible that one or more individuals or groups may make representations to Members relating to the establishment of other networks or otherwise seek to encourage Members’ participation in networks which have no connection to CENTURION and which are not recognized by Ducatus Swiss Pte. Ltd.

7.2 Lack of success

It is possible that the Network will not attract the participation of a large number of Members. If the number of Members is too low this could impact the development and the maintenance of the Network which could be to the detriment of the then participating Members. CENTURION does not guarantee the development and the maintenance of the Network nor is any Member authorized to make any such representation or guarantee. You hereby acknowledge and recognize that the Network is in continuous development and thus is subject to frequent and potentially significant change. You agree that services may be altered, restricted or expanded at CENTURION’ sole discretion with or without notice to Members.

You acknowledge that CENTURION is not liable for any expectation you may have, had or will have regarding the success or any aspect of the performance of the Network.

7.3 Accessibility

The Network could be affected by regulatory actions in one or more legal jurisdictions, which might limit the development, provision and maintenance of its services in those or other jurisdictions. You recognize that such matters are outside the control of CENTURION and that whilst CENTURION will make reasonable commercial efforts to minimize the impact of such actions on the Network and its Members, it is nonetheless possible that your access to and usage of the Network may be or become restricted in some way for some period.

The Network is protected by security measures designed to protect it from disruption and to ensure the services offered by the Network continue to be available to its Members. It is however still possible that the Network is affected by cyber-attacks and or other forms of disruption including disruption of physical elements of the Network, which may or may not be owned or controlled by CENTURION. As a consequence, crypto currency or tokens may be stolen or lost or otherwise rendered unusable by or for one or more Members including yourself.

CENTURION recommends waiting for a 24 hour period after joining the Network or after the resumption of operation after any interruption before handling any large or important transaction.

7.4 Network Capacity

If the membership in the Network rises quickly the demand for Network services may increase to a point at which the operation of the Network becomes affected and Members may experience delays or service interruptions and instability. This may affect the reputation of the Network and or its Members and/or adversely affect or otherwise reduce the perceived or actual benefits of your participation in the Network in respect of which CENTURION makes no representation, assurance or undertaking.

8 Disclaimer

You agree and expressly acknowledge that you are using the Network at your own risk. All services, information, content, materials, products (including software) and other items provided or otherwise made available to you through or in connection with CENTURION are provided by CENTURION on an as is and as available basis, unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing. CENTURION makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, as to the operation or performance of the Network or any other aspect or element of CENTURION’ services, or the information, content, materials, products (including crypto-currency coins and related software) and other services included on or otherwise made available to the Member through CENTURION services, unless otherwise specified in writing.

You confirm that you have an appropriate understanding of the risks, usage and intricacies of cryptographic tokens and currencies as well as blockchain based software and that you are not relying on any statements or representations made by CENTURION or any of its associates in respect of these matters in choosing to participate in the Network.

You acknowledge and agree that to the full extent permitted by any applicable law, regulation or statute CENTURION itself and any associated entities or individuals have no liability with respect to any and all damages or injuries caused by or related to the use of or the inability to use the services provided by CENTURION or any associated business. This disclaimer extends to any cause of action, jurisdiction, breach of warranty or contract or tort (including negligence). Neither CENTURION nor any associated business shall be held liable for any indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damages, including loss of profits, goodwill or data.

CENTURION disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. CENTURION does not warrant that the CENTURION services, information, content, materials, products (including software) and other services included on or otherwise made available to the Member through CENTURION services, CENTURION servers or electronic communications are free of viruses or other harmful components. CENTURION will not be held liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of any CENTURION service or from any information, content, materials, products (including software) and other services included on or otherwise made available to the Member through CENTURION services, including, but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damages.

9 Force Majeure

You acknowledge and agree that CENTURION is not liable for any case of force majeure, especially not unavoidable casualty, delays in delivery of materials, embargoes, government orders, acts of civil or military authorities, lack of energy, or any similar unforeseen event that renders performance commercially implausible or impractical.

10 Severance

You agree that, in the event that one or more of the provisions of the Terms is found to be unlawful, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, that / those provisions shall be deemed severed from the remainder of the Terms. The remainder of the Terms shall be valid and enforceable.

11 Dispute Resolution

The Terms (including any non-contractual matters and obligations arising therefrom or associated therewith), the breach thereof or the use of the Network and the associated services shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the laws of England and Wales

The Terms (including any non-contractual matters and obligations arising therefrom or associated therewith), the breach thereof or the use of the Network and the associated services shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

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